Gregor McCallister (gregdor) wrote in thebobros,
Gregor McCallister

Honorary member..

Umm...uh.. my name is Gregory, and I have a problem... Haha, I think lj communites are excuses to have online support groups and not tell anybody. Well, indeed my name is Gregory, and I was coaxed into joining this lj community by a true, dear, devoted, life-long friend, Kassie. Well, I better get along with this survey in order to become an honorary member.
 1)Name someone who inspires you, and why (be original)

My first bet would be Jesus, but YOU WANT ME TO BE orginal, so I'll say that everytime I watch Eric Clapton perform, he inspries me to be a better guitar player.

2)Why do you want to join?

I want to join because I want to be cool and there is, obviously, no other way.

 3)What do you think of the Bo Bros?

 I think they're a rockin' band and I totally wanna get the hook-up.

4)post some sort of a funny picture

Haha, I drew that on him while he was sleeping.

We'll vote on whether you get in or not, but it should be fairly easy.
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